A story of a boy who's family was murdered by "Michael Jackson". The mc also has cute demon sister who gets simped on by the "electric simp"
Nezuko: *just existing*
Zenitsu: ~NeZuKo~ ChAn~
(best scene from demon slayer)
by Hisoka's face paint February 10, 2021
An anime/manga where a boys sister becomes a demon loli, and they have to fight Michael Jackson with the help of a scared Pikatu and Peppa Pig who changed gender and started doing drugs (mostly steroids).
P1:Bro have you seen Demon Slayer

P2:Yeah it's good
by The impostor September 22, 2020
Demon Slayer is anime (manga series actually) released in 2019. It has 26 episodes and each is about 20min.
A: Have you watched Demon Slayer?
B: No, I haven't yet but I heard it's really good :).
by Petronella<3 June 5, 2020
so basically michael jackson kills this boys family and turns his sister into a demon and makes her look like a 18 yr old but shes 12 and people simp for her and they're excuse is "shes 14 and shes in the age of consent" and theres a electric dude who simps for her and a pig man who looks like a woman so people simp for him. they meet this gang of idiots and one of them stabbed the 12 yr old. one of them is a donut. so the fandom loves spoiling the manga so we know everyone who dies.
"have you seen demon slayer?"
"yep and its real messed up"
by mitsuris crow December 3, 2021
Also known as Kimetsu No Yaiba, it was originally a manga series, and was adapted into a Japanese Anime by UFOTABLE. It is the story of two siblings, a brother and sister named Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado respectively. They are the children of a coal burner along with their siblings. When the family is killed while Tanjiro is away, the only survivor, Nezuko is turned into a demon. Tanjiro’s goal is to turn his sister back into human and ultimately end demons. He becomes a demon slayer, trained by Sakonji Urokodaki. He learns to use Water Breathing, and later adopts Sun Breathing- Hinokami Kagura. He fights demons alongside his friends, Zenitsu and Inosuke, and protects humans to achieve his goal.
“Hey, have you watched Demon Slayer? It’s an awesome anime!”
by lunablu January 25, 2022
A new character in Maplestory (A huge MMO) that is an evil lord seeking redemption. He is super overpowered.
Demon Slayer: Agh! The Dark Lord Killed my family! I MUST KILL HIM.
by Nesden February 14, 2012
boy from alabama and his demon sister tries to save the world with the help of a simp and eren yeagers voice acto- i mean a character from beastars.
Example of dialog from demon slayer

Simp: NeZuKo cHaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAnnnnnnnnn!!!!
Beastars eren: i will massacre all the tita- I MEAN demons.
by Milf_enthusiast May 9, 2021