Nezuko is best girl from Kimetsu No Yaiba. Fite me.

Also istg do n o t get her angy.
by Dawn~ September 9, 2020
She fight
She Bite
But most importantly..
Someone: Who's da Vampire?
Me: OH, yah that's Nezuko
by Palmtop_Tiger! January 28, 2022
Nezuko slaps your favourite verse just by sleeping. She is our one and only lord and we shall pray and learn her true power. She is omniscient and omnipotent
Yo Jerome, do you know that nezuko slaps your favourite fucking verse you clapped yute
by Xemperus August 16, 2021
A very nice girl who if you mess with you shall lose a lib.
Nezuko is my wife so back off.
by Tiffiny Dinh May 22, 2021
A small demon girl that has a bamboo thing in her mouth, might have fangs
by Ayix September 9, 2020
nezukoism is an amazing (one of the best) vs editors you’ll ever see. you’ll end up favoriting all of their videos if you find their account.
nezukoism is awesome 😎
by ellqz April 3, 2021
Nezukoism is a religion where we worship Nezuko as our Jesus.
Bro 1"Are you A nezukoist? "
Bro 2 "Yeah I'm apart of Nezukoism"
Bro 3 "Lord Nezuko is the best"
by Nezukoisms Pope June 12, 2021