Physical description: A tall ass pig who is 7”1 and when she jumps on muddy puddles *ground shakes* as she creates an earthquake 6.9420 on the Richter scale

Hobbies: Enjoys smoking weed all day and no-scoping in C-ops
Suzy Sheep: WHY iS thE grOuNd ShaKiNg

Zoey Zebra: Peppa pig’s family is NoW jumping on deez muddy poodles
by - Bully Maguire Pizza Time December 10, 2021
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Peppa Pig is a cartoon character who is a pig and lives in a family. Somehow, when her father snorts, he creates a 7.5 on the Richter scale, and her brother is almost the equivalent of calliou but not as annoying and bratty. Peppa's freinds don't seem to show any liking towards her, and will probably betray her in high school (if she ever grows up).
Person 1: Hey look! It's a pig!
Person 2: That's Peppa Pigs father! Oh god why is the ground shaking?!
by A Generic Video Game NPC November 29, 2018
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The best show in existence. Her brother is lit. Her dad is a fat bastard. Her mom is legitness. And she is the single most best character ever. If Peppa were to stop airing the world will run off its axis and the sun will become a black hole. It’s funnier than “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” combined.
Random person: What’s your favorite sh...
Me: Peppa Pig!
by Cailouisgay July 29, 2018
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A creature with unlimited battle strength. One day, there was a war between the pigs and the humans. The human killed pigs for there bacon, while the pigs ran away. However one gloomy day, the sun began to get brighter, and a shadow begun to descend from the clouds. She used her snort to completely destroy the earth, and eradicating all life that inhabits it. She landed on the closest planet she could, which happen to be mars. With on finger, she touched the ground, making the land around her only 2 colours: Green and blue. Then she blinked, and created 3 clones of herself. But with her power to control reality, she put one in a hydraulic press, and then she stretched the other 2 (one being stretched more then the other). At last she had a family!
“So what’s in our Baconator Bacon deluxe burger?” asked the Hungry Jacks employee.
“Two flame grilled Aussie beef patties with melted cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a toasted sesame seed bun!” Peppa pig replied
YoU ForGoT ThE bACoN!
WaIt TheRE Is BaCOn iN a bACoNAtoR BaCON DeLuXE?
by Iminyourattic123 January 31, 2020
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A bomb-ass show in nick jr. about a pig named Peppa, that has no central plot. Each episode is 5 minutes long, and always has some sort of dinosaur growl from George.
Im Peppa Pig... *oink*
This is my little brother George... *oink oink*
This is Mummy Pig... *Oink!*
And this is Daddy Pig... *OINK!!!!!!!*
by _golden.whale_ October 27, 2017
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The most god like show ever known to man currently airing about a baddest bitch Peppa Pig and her fan-fucking-tastic family. After watching Peppa jump in muddy puddles (first episode) I changed my perspective on life and my depression is cured. I am no longer agnostic after this show. I cannot be friends with people who dislike the BEST SHOW IN HUMAN EXISTENCE.

In short, Peppa Pig is one of the best shows on television and is a great role model for all.
Peppa Pig airs on Nick Jr. and is funny and life-changing as HELL.
by Yikesssbruhh September 25, 2018
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A great show with top notch actors George peppa’s brother is really hot he’s gonna get all of the girls/boys on the block
Peppa Pig is the most lit ass show
by Steve Harrington January 13, 2018
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