That anime that people describe as zootopia with sex and violence.
"Hey bro, did you watch Beastars?"

"Yeah, my favorite pixar movie
by Cryinginside April 26, 2020
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The dark anime version of Zootopia which your friend who is “not a furry” sends you too many memes of.
I love Beastars but I’m not a furry...uwu
by Kingdragon2430 July 3, 2020
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A very popular, amazing, anime about anthrophonic animals. Tbh you should watch it, its not that bad.
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Furry porn disguised as an anime
Guy 1: Yo wanna watch beastars?
Guy 2: You mean furry porn?
by black nigger balls November 29, 2021
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That anime that people like it until the furry sex comes on and then name it a Zootopia with sex.
Hey did you watch Beastars?
Yeah, I liked the plot until that until the shitty furry sex came on.
by kill-me May 12, 2020
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