That anime that people describe as zootopia with sex and violence.
"Hey bro, did you watch Beastars?"

"Yeah, my favorite pixar movie
by Cryinginside April 26, 2020
The dark anime version of Zootopia which your friend who is “not a furry” sends you too many memes of.
I love Beastars but I’m not a furry...uwu
by Kingdragon2430 July 3, 2020
A very popular, amazing, anime about anthrophonic animals. Tbh you should watch it, its not that bad.
That anime that people like it until the furry sex comes on and then name it a Zootopia with sex.
Hey did you watch Beastars?
Yeah, I liked the plot until that until the shitty furry sex came on.
by kill-me May 12, 2020
about a slut bunny who is horny for everyone like i mean everyone and the wolf who is having wolfly and almost ate the bunny and about a bitch ass deer who is a suck up but lets just talk more about the bunny she asked the wolf of he wanted food and while he was thinking she stripped and then opened his shirt as he was sweating his ass off like he was so scared and that bunny said “i wanna see where this leads” as she pulled down his pants but he pulled them back up and left
did you hear that anime with the horny bunny called beastars
by spocy’s wet cream pie January 17, 2021
a great show your "not a furry" friend enjoys. its zootopia but the male and female leads are significantly better
"i love beastars! im not a furry, but legoshi's making me feel a lil something"
by mrmalfoyswifey October 12, 2021