3 definitions by The impostor

The website that got you through school even though it's not related to math at all.
P1:Bro school is killing me.

P2:Wanna play some Coolmathgames.

by The impostor September 22, 2020
The person who acts the gayest in your friend group is the straightest.
Joe: Dude I’m telling you I’m not gay

Tyler: Remember rule 23, you haven’t even kissed a single homie goodnight
by The impostor August 12, 2022
An anime/manga where a boys sister becomes a demon loli, and they have to fight Michael Jackson with the help of a scared Pikatu and Peppa Pig who changed gender and started doing drugs (mostly steroids).
P1:Bro have you seen Demon Slayer

P2:Yeah it's good
by The impostor September 22, 2020