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noun or adjective. 1. One who munches on bunnies 2. A self-righteous foodie or urban farmer 3. People who take a break from skinning bunnies and decide to have tea and get blood on the teacups.
The Berkeley bunny munchers had a locavore rabbit-slaughtering party while drinking a lovely Darjeeling.
by lunablu July 23, 2010
A literal cinnamon roll, he’s so pure. Big brother of Nezuko Kamado and the strongest demon slayer. If you’re a demon killing humans… watch out.
My name is Tanjiro Kamado!”
“Alright, Kamaboko Gonpachiro! I’ll take you down-!”
Who are you talking about?!”
No, you’re not …!”
by lunablu January 25, 2022
Also known as Kimetsu No Yaiba, it was originally a manga series, and was adapted into a Japanese Anime by UFOTABLE. It is the story of two siblings, a brother and sister named Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado respectively. They are the children of a coal burner along with their siblings. When the family is killed while Tanjiro is away, the only survivor, Nezuko is turned into a demon. Tanjiro’s goal is to turn his sister back into human and ultimately end demons. He becomes a demon slayer, trained by Sakonji Urokodaki. He learns to use Water Breathing, and later adopts Sun Breathing- Hinokami Kagura. He fights demons alongside his friends, Zenitsu and Inosuke, and protects humans to achieve his goal.
“Hey, have you watched Demon Slayer? It’s an awesome anime!”
by lunablu January 25, 2022