They infest me, waiting to come out, infest more. Must free my body and mind of evil before tainted for life. You're all infested to, and for some of you, its too late. Others can still free their mind of it.
The demon infests...
by Zach G. November 14, 2003
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a female who can have many men in deep desire for her and not have to touch her. her energy captivates a large group of people making them want more.
She’s such a very beautiful woman, I wish I could have her she’s really a demon.
by Amandalovesniggas April 30, 2020
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A girl named Daija

Who does hand work and dubsmash
Person 1# who that demon doing hand work a dubsmash

Person 2# Ohh that’s daija she always the devil man
by HEY SHISTER’s July 25, 2019
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An ugly ass bitch who thinks shes all that and likes to act like shes famous. All she'll talk about is her mom and how her dad will beat up your dad if your'e mean to her (but it never happens). You'll end up just mocking her. She has a baby voice and pretends to have lots of friends when really she has none.
Me: Oh thats DEMON but her real name is Alex.
by patrickbitch January 15, 2020
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word used when angry, substitute for "shit" or "fuck"
derived from films in spanish, when a character is upset he yells demonios instead of the spanish equivalent to "shit" or "fuck", {demonios means demons}
"demons", after something that upset you.

"demons! I can't believe that just happened"

by kingofsd May 02, 2007
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