A classic mid-nineties WWF (now WWE) character portrayed by Scott Hall. It was a cool character who came to the ring wearing obviously fake (but who really cares) big gold chains and always had a toothpick in his mouth. The Razor Ramon character made Scott Hall's career, after spending years as an opener to lower midcard talent. The character and fake Cuban accent were loosely based on Al Pacino in Scarface.
Joe: You going to watch John Cena vs. Hornswoggle tonight?

Scott: No that shit's boring, I'm going to watch the classic ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon
by My Name Is Hugh...Mungus February 2, 2010
The most swagtastic wrestler in wrestling history.
Razor Ramon used to razor's edge niggaz for the win.
by Swagnificent101 November 28, 2009
Former WWF Intercontinental Champion from the early 90's. Alias: The Bad Guy, Scott Hall
He was as drunk as Razor Ramon
by Josh April 12, 2003
possibly the coolest wrestler from wwf. accompanied by his friendly toothpick he wrecked havoc throughout the 90's.
razon ramon really whomped savio vega last night didnt he?
by jd December 9, 2003
getting head and the girl has razors in her mouth
she just razor ramoned me and it hurts
by corey oconnor May 30, 2003
The really big black dude razor ramoned the little skin head in the ass.
by JDB February 13, 2003