Shortened version of the latissimus dorsi - the large muscles down the back
His lats are so wide, he's got wings and he can't even put his arms down
by Brian December 6, 2004
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shortened form of "later" as in "see you later"
"Peace, duke! Catch ya on the flips!"

by tbonk January 20, 2004
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Latting is the act of raping a individual, not for sexual gratification just for making someone feel like a worthless piece of shit
Did you hear about that person who got LATTED in Swansea last night?
by poscrew May 19, 2020
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noun or adjective: "Living Apart Together"; a committed long-distance relationship.
"Although we used to share an apartment, now we are LAT."

"My LAT, Sara, lives in Chicago for her work, but we are still deeply in love."
by AdamB33 January 15, 2009
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A physiological disorder - where due to lack of male touch - you feel a giggle whenever a man touches you by mistakes.
Mostly occurs in female.
Lata was so devoid of male attention all her life - she started seeing symptoms of latativitis
by Eterno September 10, 2023
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LAT is an acronym for "Lightning and Thunder". It is basically what you might hear and see!
Guy 1:" Did you know that lightning is faster than thunder?"
Guy 2:" No, but I have heard of LAT!"
Guy 1:" What is that?"
Guy 2:" LAT is "Lightning and Thunder", duh!"
by ALEXtheEMO August 7, 2009
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Abbreviation of "Laughing at That" created by a moderator of the site Code-x. Used instead of the wildly popular
n00b: OMFGz H0w d0 i Us3 teh n3w g4m3Sh4rk i jus7 b0u9h7!?!!?!!!!111!One!!

Guy 1: GTFO noob. -_-

Guy 2: LAT! ^^
by OhShitItsSnoMan June 21, 2009
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