In roleplay terms of Shadow, It is a powerful race known to cause much destruction. There are 2 types of demons.

1) Full Demon-Demons that can control themselves and their actions. Choose their own paths in live.

2) Dirtblood-Mindless
Zidane is the most powerful Full Demon known in history!
by Zidane May 08, 2005
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1. To creep so well that the person is virtually invisible as they move anywhere.
That bitch just demon'd all the way to his house with a QP of dro!
by SPrinkZ October 12, 2007
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Those fucking demons that live below us left their trash out again.
by Clarionman October 27, 2007
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Two words: Blair Galliber. Unlike the lippo, the demon known as Blair, is retarded, stupid, ugly, and has a very loud voice. She also feasts on others by hurting them intentionally for no reason. Probably one of the worst creatures in the world - Blair/Demon. Also thinking that she is hotter than a Sports Illistrated Swimsuit model.
by Fo' shizzle March 19, 2005
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Praachi she is a demon
Girl 1: hey praachi is a literal demon
Girl 2:I know
by Imblue October 25, 2019
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a skinny prepubescant boy who trash talks others before owning it up
demon HAX
by a bloody victim March 21, 2003
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