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A term used usually in professional wrestling, when the referee has lost all control of the combatants and the match has devolved into a brawl.
Ric Flair tags in Triple H and it's BONZO GONZO!
by SHOH July 11, 2004

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When wrestlers use the term 'demons', it generally means that they've got a drug abuse problem, or some other type of shady activity that they wouldn't talk about in public.
Razor Ramon is out for the next six months, fighting his demons.
by SHOH December 17, 2004

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A thong or tight outfit that a videogame character, particularly mid or final bosses wear, to expose their rippling buttocks.

Good examples of characters with boss thong are Gill from Street Fighter 3, Goro and Kintaro from Mortal Kombat, the Tyrant from Resident Evil: Outbreak, and Heihachi from Tekken 4.
Heihachi beat my ass while I was distracted by his mighty boss thong!
by SHOH August 16, 2006

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This fearsome beast has the torso of a gorilla, the legs of a kangaroo, and the wings of a dragon (for some reason.)
Motherfucker, that motherfuckin' gorillaroo will fuck your motherfuckin' ass up, motherfucker.
by SHOH February 18, 2003

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'I'm not sure.'
Cid: Am I gay?
SHOH: imnawtsur
by SHOH August 09, 2003

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Short for saboteur, or one who commits sabotage. Popularized by Cracked Magazine and its "Spies vs. Sabs" bits.
My grandmother is a freaking sab! Look at all this junk food she bought!
by SHOH May 09, 2005

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The worst fucking TV show ever. Next to the Real World.
I watched Road Rules, and I was forced into drinking bleach. Forgive me, mother!
by SHOH July 31, 2003

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