Kind of like a Demon, but with Angelic qualities. Short for Demangel.
My heart filled with hope when I saw the angel descending upon me, but my hope turned to fear when I realized it was the Deman, an unholy entity.
by Devin February 18, 2004
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To foresaken one's manhood.

When a suppository is inserted in to a man's rectum and/or when a prisoner drops the soap.

Guy 1: Dude, watch out for the stomach flu. I heard some dude had to go to Urgent care and totally got demanalized. He's been curled up in a ball sucking his thumb for the past 3 days.

Guy 2: Damn...we should go buy him a hooker.
by EER41 December 6, 2006
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To deprive of manly qualities.
She demanized him saying that he was a poor excuse for a man.
by jkcl June 18, 2019
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The act of being made less of a man by the removal of the testicals
If any guys drink my gin, i'm demanning them!
by Mighty Min December 3, 2008
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An uncommon name.

It's gender neutral.

A lot of people don't know how to correctly pronounce the name.
My name is Dee-ma-nee not Demaine.

Demane is defined as an unique person whom has goals for the future.
by Spellcheck March 13, 2017
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deman - verb. To castrate or otherwise render useless the male member.
If he goes for a guys' weekend in Vegas, give him the benefit of the doubt until he gives you reason to deman him.

She's gonna' go Lorena Bobbit and deman him if he doesn't learn to keep it in his pants.
by KReeseSouthernSlang February 12, 2010
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"De-Mans", to remove manliness from something.
by j03-02 March 10, 2011
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