A green substance, made from plant juice, which when applied to the skin gives a soothing tingly sensation.

It's also good for greasing engine parts - fishermen have been known to use it as lubricant for their hoists.
I smothered myself in Delph for a smoother finish to my skin

The fisherman coated his hoist in delph to stop the gears from seizing
by Peter Jones September 24, 2004
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Another word for 'dishes' used by Irish people. Plates, bowls, saucers, cups. But not cutlery.
Mam: Go put the delph in the sink, will ye?
Me: Ahh jaysus ma!
by theregattascene May 28, 2012
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Delph, from the old English proverb, to be extremely loyal.
by Wilsond July 17, 2015
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A word that can mean anything and is perfect for any situation such as fuck face or dick head or asshole or even salad. Perfect for when at school.
Little boy as his mom walks by: Delph you
Mother: What does delph mean?
Little boy: Love

Punk kid: You got no balls you mother fuckin Delph!!!!
by @lM!GhtyJ@(0BY April 07, 2009
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Last minute rejection of an arrangement that seemed all but done.

Named after Premier League footballer, Fabian Delph's last minute decision not to join Manchester City despite being booking in for a medical assessment later that day.
"Sorry to hear about the wedding. I can't believe she'd delph you like that."
by ibpants July 17, 2015
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An abbreviation for the city of Philadelphia. Generally used by those familiar with Philadelphia who find the abbreviation "Philly" to be tired and overused.
Girl: Sooo, what did you do this weekend?!

Dude: On Friday I spent a lovely evening in the 'delph, and then the rest of the weekend I attended a jeans-folding seminar in the 'burgh.

Girl: I'm majorly jeal!
by coco__chanel October 02, 2010
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To be extremely pumped after working out at the gym
MD; wow man i came home from the gym today and i was so pumped. i looked in the mirror and i had pecs.

MC; wow dude look at me. i am so delphed
by ax mc October 24, 2006
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