To head out, get away, avoid or to fake out.
Originating in Canada: the shortening of decoy.

Most often used to describe how a hockey player will fake out the goaly then get around him.
Other uses involve getting away from or avoiding someone; leaving someplace for instance, a party; and getting out of the way; say to the countryside (we used to describe driving out of the city to various deking spots and smoking pot)
We scored a bag and deked out of the party to one of out favorite smoking spots on the mountain overlooking the city.
by ch1llboy February 2, 2009
1. To avoid unwanted physical contact, by moving stealthily
2. To feign or fake
I'll deke out the defenceman and get a shot on goal, you ruch the net and pick-up any rebounds
by Yah-nah-cool-ee-ass August 29, 2003
(1) A member of Delta Kappa Epsilon
(2) the undisputed ruler of a social institution, most often a college or university
(3) one of the best partiers and chick pounders on the planet
(4) a true red-blooded American
Man, those Deke guys sure know how to pound sluts.

That Deke just kicked some SAE fag's ass!

Who did that keg stand then stole that Sig Nu's girl? A Deke dude.
by Billingsly February 4, 2007
Bringer of light and authority to the many social orders of the world. One who attracts multiple suitors of the opposite sex and is able to please them in various ways.
Yeah deke kicked my ass and took my hot girl.
by lunchladyproductions May 21, 2003
to wag your index finger at someone after denying them what they they wanted to do.
1.) NBA player Dikembe Mutombo deked Reggie Miller after sending his shot attempt into the seats.

2.) As I was driving down Main Boulevard, a car tried to come out of a side-street, but I sped up and deked him as I passed by.
by BigBlueBlood1091 October 12, 2009
1. Leaving a lame place.
2. Trying to get away from someone-something that is getting on your nerves.
1. Let's deke outta this shit piece.
2. Oh shizzle, the cops are hurr', let's deke.
by Deke'n June 10, 2005
A hostile and Ravenous half man-half Taco beast, is sometimes found to lose blatter at random, sometimes using a funneling techique to load his wastes into a super soaker, and stay unsuspecting orphans.
Man, i got Deke'd! ... Now i need a new shirt... fook.
by Maazlo June 5, 2003