Gone or simply of no good use anymore.
Example 1: Nirvana became defunct after Kurt Cobain's death.

Example 2: I dropped my phone in the pool. Looks like it's pretty much defunct.
by Cookies need love too December 20, 2012
Fucked up or disjunctional
My right nose hole is Defunct
by One rad kid April 19, 2018
Generally inappropriate; Not going the way you want it to.
Lera is way defunct.
by Yashi September 8, 2007
Not able to funk...Lack of letting the vibes flow....
Lucy was defunction(ing) herself at the Rave/Techno dance party!
by Seth Wolf July 4, 2005
Clothing displaying the logo and/or name of a company that no longer exists.
"Hey Dora, I love your Pets.com shirt."
"Thanks, I've got lots of defunct wear from the dot-bomb days."
by jdaddyk April 9, 2010
Showing signs of moral weakness.
He was somewhat morally defunct today, I was a little concerned.
by Morally defunkt March 2, 2015
When something isn't right or it's faulty.
My tap is leaking it must be defunctioned.
by Loopy_lottie March 19, 2017