When politicians come under fire for missteps or failures, they often rely on the technique of trying to shift the focus onto others. In an attempt to duck responsibility, scrutiny, accountability, they often create "scapegoats" to shift blame onto. They try to lay their failures at the feet of others or make a way to justify them. They may try to shift the debate entirely onto a completely irrelevant and different subject. One example is to make a drastic decision that completely shifts focus from the previous subject of scrutiny onto this new drastic change or subject brought into light by the government. Seen commonly by politicians and on a less refined level , regular people supporting a political party or figure in arguments or debates, or as a psychological attempt to manipulate others in regular domestic situations. In politics the tactic is entirely strategic and is arguably one of the most devious and disreputable in the eyes of honest morality and accountability, but is quite common in politics around the world.
When Soviet leaders were questioned about human rights violations in the USSR, for example, they might've come back with, "Well, what about the Negroes that you Americans are lynching in the South?" - One example of a political deflection
by Old school bossman January 2, 2021
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a way for parents who do not know how to be parents to blame anything and everything for their failure to acceptably raise or discipline their children.
"My kid is fat so I am suing McDonald's. No, that is not deflection, it's really McDonald's fault."
by Sharkyire February 24, 2010
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Noun. The act of avoiding receipt of a compliment by changing the subject or playing coy
Brandon was so uncomfortable with his favor client's gesture that he made a joke, a true deflection
by TherapistsRock February 15, 2021
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To be socially rejected; To remain apart from, by request of an individual's aunterage or clique.
"Kid you are totally DEFLECTED!", said Zebulon. "Well you're a total dick fungus!", exclaimed Dorus. "I said you were DEFLECTED, get the fuck out!"
by Joey Paps June 17, 2005
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What people do when they are afraid that people will judge them.
They pretend to be someone they're not so when people don't like them it doesn't bother them because, hey, it's not them.
a lot of mean people are just deflecting.
by Dummythicc May 4, 2020
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To deflect the blame of having deficated on someone else.
Imagine this situation: You have just taken a large poo in the bathroom, only to realize the toilet doesn't flush. The guy/girl you are madly in love with is outside the door, waiting to use the bathroom. What do you do? You walk out, blame the poo on someone else and say, "Dude, I definately only went in to wash my hands." You have succesfully deflected any suspicion of defication, thus "deflectication". Good job.
by Kei-chan September 7, 2007
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A way for a woman to reject a man in a beautiful way. The woman will agree with a pleasantry that you express to her, however, she will also say that you would not like this, that, me, etc. because of a flaw or tendency that the woman may or may not have. Thus rejecting your kindness, by way of deflection.
Man: Would you allow a man to lick your ass?
Woman: Yes, but you would not like it because I have some hair down there.
Man: Do not use the rejection deflection on me.
Woman: Wait, you know about that?
by OOOne. April 10, 2010
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