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A sexy beast person (usualy with a rather large penis). Ussualy a skinny white boy, but can also extend into the larger range of persons. Also Zeb for short.
Have you meet that new guy Zebulon?

Yeah, Shara says his junk is huge!
by nebbie September 01, 2007
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A small, backwards, fundie town in North Carolina ruled by ignorant "Christians." Also, a place where rednecks thrive and are respected members of society; just 25-30 minutes away from the wonderful city of Raleigh. Different people, who are much more intelligent than the regular citizens of Zebulon, are looked down upon because they do not conform to the common idiocy.
Redneck: I am racist, sexist, anti-gay and I ain't okay with anyone diff-err-unt than me. I love Jesus and I am from Zebulon.
by FedupwithidiotsinZebulon December 09, 2011
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A total creeper, who usually has a crappy job, like being a dance instructor.
Amber's dance instructon, zebulon is a total creeper.
by Bob Barker Manning July 12, 2008
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