Meaning to be deformed and infected/Discusting
Chrissy is so fat and Defected
by XpDVio February 25, 2009
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1. n. An imperfection, either cosmetic or functional.

2. v. To abandon an obligation or loyalty.

3. v. To change loyalties.
The refurbisher got sick of painting over defects, so he defected to a company that repairs merchandise with defects.
by Downstrike June 5, 2004
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A software development term referring to an enhancement request that is reported and managed as a software defect.
This defectment must be addressed in the next patch release.
by CrossbowGuru January 6, 2011
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Adjective -
Broken, Busted, Hurt... UGLY
Dre: Hey, did yall see my fine ass girl earlier?
Derek: Oh, you mean that busted ass beezy that was here earlier?
David: Yeah, she was defective son.
by HellaHyphy13 June 3, 2006
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A word to describe someone with a defect that is defected, also called a Efan.
by AledWilliams May 30, 2017
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the koolest guy on eartth and ownz everyone on ize irc :) especially snuffkin.
omg i wish i was a defect!!!
by blah February 4, 2005
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