An unseen body of people within a country (espec. US) who collectively have powerful influence on government policy.
"The US deep state wants its existence to be known as a conspiracy theory."
by derw00d February 8, 2022
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Any career professional in the Federal government who puts loyalty to the Constitution ahead of fealty to the current occupant of the White House.
The Deep State would not let Donald Trump get away with bartering military aid to Ukraine for dirt on his political rival.
by ITSCSD October 4, 2019
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the term most often used by conservatives and misunderstood by liberals.

Current example would be,

POTUS issues an executive order banning CRT from government agencies. Head of the CDC (a government agency which answers to congress and the President) decides he is not going to follow that order.
Not that agencies don't have legal recourse to get a judge to impose a stop order. These non-elected deep state people within the government do what ever they want to do.
A few Deep State IRS personnel decided to delay tax exempt status to groups with "patriot" in their name, in direct violation of IRS policy. Once again.just doing whatever they want to do
by Natosuperman September 15, 2020
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Latest term in a continuing series of fictional terms used by individuals addicted to acting like victims who are some of the most ignorant or problematic people in America, mostly on the far right, who are better and more intelligently known as, The Deep Dumb. This is a section of America who feel they have been ignorance and rightly so, because they have so many ridiculous beliefs that are frequently damaging even to themselves.

One can tell politicians who have no other claim to current notoriety than to make stupid shite up in riling up those who are even dumber than they are and are currently being mouthed by the great goof ball Donald Trump in the White House, and all his political fluffers and minions. Also, see Fox News, InfoWars, Drudge Report, Sean Hannity, esp. Newt Gingrich, et. al.
We have a lot of conservative "tin foil hat" patients here in Western State Mental Hospital who are long term residents of a deep state of delusion who believe in a Deep State in our government; that being anyone in government who disagrees with recent and sad political pathetics like President Trump.
by JZMurdock June 29, 2017
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The people behind the scenes of the Democratic national convention who actually make the decisions and are secret referred to as the swamp corrupt nasty people who have billions of dollars and influence politicians people who are never revealed they are so far connected with money and people and are very dangerous they decide who wins the Democratic nomination for president they recently helped cheat in the 2020 election vs Donald trump and put joe Biden in office as the puppet because he can be controlled easily with his dimentia and they can blame everything on Biden and do the 25th amendment
The deep state interfered In the 2020 election. The deep state intelligence assisted in covering up the biggest fraud in election history ever with dominion voting machines having foreign governments help them as well which we believe to be as China
by Mahoney1993 August 19, 2021
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Sounds ominous, but it's just a dirty word to describe the professionals who have stopped Trump from destroying the word.
I am so thankful for this "deep state" that's kept Trump from becoming Supreme Leader and setting off nukes in Europe.
by Notdevinnunes November 25, 2019
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