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Usually used in a military or political context, this is a 'nice' way of describing (a euphemism for) someone who advocates the invasion of other countries - or in other words, an invasionist.
The current US Secretary of State is described by Wikipedia as an interventionist.
by derw00d February 11, 2022
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A measure of the collective approval a population has for its government (or regime) based on some weighted combination of scores obtained by polling the public across a comprehensive range of issues & government actions.

Whereas democratisation is the process of making a regime more democratic, democrácity refers to the actual level achieved. (Just like heating something is different from the temperature it has.)
The CIA has developed a concept called polity which is somewhat similar but not the same.
While democracy (misleadingly) tends to be thought of as an all or nothing thing, democrácity (more realistically) can range over continuum.
The film "The Rise & Rise of Michael Rimmer" is about a polling agency expert who moves into politics & becomes Prime Minister & instigates continuous polling on all matters - even the most trivial - & raises the democrácity of the country to 100%. However, the populace is eventually exhausted by this & acquiesce in one final vote to pass absolute power to him alone, resulting in 100% dictatorship!
by derw00d February 13, 2022
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A rat's arse is usually something you don't give. So, if someone says "I don't give a rat's arse!" it's just another way of saying "I couldn't care less!" or "I don't give a fuck!"

However, it is possible to give a rat's arse, too. Many years ago a meteorological (Met) colleague working at an Antarctic base opened a crate of equipment that had been shipped to the base many months previous. Inside was the severed body of a dead rat. The rear end was put on display somewhere together with the sign: "Who gives a rat's arse? Met do!"
"I think I've left my homework on the train. Oh well, I couldn't give a rat's arse. It was bullshit anyway."
by derw00d February 11, 2022
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A country that has elections and so is 'technically' a democracy but you would have to be crass to think of it as a real democracy because you can only vote for one of two candidates who are like "two cheeks of the same arse". They have almost no approval except by a few oligarchs & for the rest of us voting is "like a choice between cholera & gonorrhea".
"I'm afraid I live in a demo-crássy, I think I'd prefer a good old-fashioned dictatorship!"
by derw00d February 13, 2022
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An unseen body of people within a country (espec. US) who collectively have powerful influence on government policy.
"The US deep state wants its existence to be known as a conspiracy theory."
by derw00d February 8, 2022
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An adjective describing someone who is stingy or miserly.
Dan's pretty ikey you know, so by the time it's his turn to buy a round he'll have probably disappeared.
by derw00d February 11, 2022
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