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News articles that have been blown out of proportion or exaggerated to the extreme as to attract and mislead morons. Carries a large Right wing bias offering a depiction of a world that is crumbling because liberals and the rest of non-america are destroying it.

Type of news on drudge report: Sensationalist, Celebrity Drama, Political bias, and some real news. So really his site is like all large news organizations for example like MSNBC, Fox News, Etc.
Drudge Report Headline translation generally: World is ending
by Deadheadbear57 April 3, 2009
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Was once a biting-edge right-wing source of gossip and 'news', but has now become as tired as Fox News. Is quick to promote such bores as Sarah Palin. One can only conclude now that there is no Matt behind the Drudge Report, as stories are promoted solely to further the agenda of the American Christian right idiotology.
Do you go to the Drudge Report anymore?

No, TMZ is faster.
by YooHooBoo October 8, 2009
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A woman who consults the Drudge Report daily for breaking news
Many people know I'm a Drudge Report Whore, but I really don't care to watch network news.
by Amy Steier June 27, 2005
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False data. Made up tales from a phony internet news site that laughingly passes for true journalism. A spurious document created by a far right lunatic. Any news spin that is believed by dumb Fox News Fans
Hannity's news piece was a joke. His source was the Drudged Up Report. We all know that Matt Drudge is a puppet of GW Bush and a star Fox News Bushtard.
by Dane Eidson January 19, 2009
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