1.an imaginary monster that children believe hides under the bed or in the closet to scare people

2. any false threath
Parents have been known to tell thier children that if tehy don't (insert chore or task here) the boogieman will get them.
by Light Joker April 28, 2007
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A threesome position between 2 guys and 1 girl where there is 1 guy lying facing up underneath the bed with his legs sticking out while the girl rides him and gives the other guy a blow-job
Guy 1: that threesome last night was fun

Guy 2: yeah it was, but next time can you be the boogieman
by Cocaine tits September 21, 2019
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A minor character from the lore of the fictional animated band Gorillaz, he is seen as an antagonist but later on becomes less of a threat and is seen just chillin' in the Gorillaz HQ. Apparently he is the demon that Murdoc made a deal with to become a famous musician, he is also the rejected 5th horseman of the Apocolypse known as flatulence because of his smell. he is first seen gassing 2D but he is first fully seen in the music video for Stylo when he surrounds the police officer in smoke and they both disappear. The gang in the plastic beach (Murdoc, Cyborg Noodle, and 2D) are seen fighting him on multiple occasions. Gorillaz is neat, you should check it out.
Person 1: the boogieman is so underrated! He should get more attention!
Person 2: Uh... no. He doesn't mean that much to the story.
person 1: Yes, yes he does. Remember? He made that deal with Murdoc.
Person 2: Whatever. It's not that important.
by JustYourAverageSociopath October 06, 2019
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the mark of a strait cur, quitter
That dog put its tail inbetween his leg and ran away, common of people with boogiemanism
by Rasta Farian August 21, 2007
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When a guy hides under the bed to wait for his girlfriend to come home and soon as she lays down on her stomach he pops out under the bed and he bonks it in her butthole, making her think it's a boogie man who bonked her booty hole.
"I'm gonna surprise my girlfriend tonight for our anniversary."
"I'm gonna boogieman bonk the shit out of her"
by David shalom March 04, 2014
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1. An individual, of flesh or energy, that wants to devour the misbehaving children of irresponsible parents or guardians. Takes many forms. Lurks where most won't go. Much like an Anti-Santa, or Krampus, but puts in for year round work.
2. Possibly in reference to Michael Myers from the Halloween films.
3. Mask Maker
"Stop misbehaving, or Uncle Boogieman will grind your feet into burger patties and make a trucker cap out of your soul!"
by GotDamB4tmaN June 20, 2017
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