1. A person or informant who speaks nonsense and bullshitting when you actually need proper information on something or someone.

2. The opposite of Deep Throat.
Man A: So what else do I need to know about Elise? She's hot dude!

Man B: She likes coffee! ow yeah!

Man A: Dude, you're seriously a Deep Shit.
by adrammelech July 30, 2012
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When performing deep RECTALINGUS and you still can't reach the SHIT with your tongue.
SCOTT today I keep sucking and sucking your BUTTHOLE deep but you must have done DEEP SHIT. as I still can't reach my meal.
by PEDOPHILE SANDBOX August 19, 2021
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some shit you really don't wanna be in
You in some deep shit now son
by ._the.br21 May 07, 2020
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