Don't do the deed like WD did or you'll be done.
by Colin Lindgren November 10, 2003
A universal exclamation or statement used with a multitude of inflections depending on content. Used mainly by southerners when one doesn’t have anything else better to say on the topic. Or at least nothing nice to say about it.
“Mary just died...”

in response “deed” (While thinking I never liked her anyway)

“Mary’s pregnant, again...”

in response “DEED!” (While thinking She needs to get them tubes tied!)

“Mary’s gettin hitched!”

In response “Deeeeed...” (while thinking Who the hell did she sucker into playing daddy to all them lil basterds she’s got runnin around?)
by St_Sammy June 11, 2018
wow we didnt just get any weed we got Deed bro
by christophorus August 23, 2010
A lesbian, esp. a lesbian that is not obviously a lesbian. Short form of "deed out", from the phonetic spelling of "d'ed out", short for "dyked out".
Dude, stop hitting on that chick - can't you tell she's a deed?
by tdw May 5, 2013
N. Someone who is being a diva.
Dude.. that Makenzie is being such a deed I want to punch her in the tucus.
by It wasn't September 26, 2010
When someone who is under the age of 18 and happens to be incredibly annoying and ignorant to the world around him.
Have you seen Chris? He's such an annoying Deed"
by KFaded July 21, 2019
Deed was once the act of sexual intercourse but now can describe any sexual encounters. In the past people would put it in a sentence as "doing the deed." But in the new age, deed replaces sex, handjobs, blowjobs, and anything else sexual.
I heard Cole got some deed from Mary last night.
by AloeWhite November 2, 2015