a person who has a brilliant personality and full of confidence. Absolutely gorgeous and more than likely someone who is definitely perfect and amazing.
"Random" - Hi, what's your name?
"Declan" - Declan ... ?
"Random" - You are really hot..
"Declan" - Yeah so a few have said!
by girl2812 June 26, 2009
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this dude likes to fuck all the hot ass bitches he is a savage and he enjoys porn, he also likes filming bathrooms. he will fuck your bitch.
"hey Declan.."
"shut the fuck up before I fuck your sister bitch"
by hello12357 May 16, 2019
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Has a big dick can kiss very well and he will have sex all night if you want him to
Girl:Hi baby (Declan) a good bf
by Devon vin devon March 27, 2017
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The name Declan means a boy who is athletic in all aspects of sport. He has the brain smarts of of a genius and the looks of a God. Declan also means someone who is a leader and always puts others before himself.
Declan a true leader
by slayer12345 July 29, 2015
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A very un-athletic but very creative, artistic person, often an ideas guy. They are very likeable and have he best sense of humour, all his friends are jealous of him because he gets all the hot, sexy chicks, when he flirts they flirt back, those cute chicks give him nick names. Declan is an all round nice person, but don't mess with him... just... just don't, he's really nice :)

Declan is the best

Declan is life

Declan is the fried in your chicken

Declan is the D in the P

Declan does not Iquweet

We all love Declan, because he is so loveable... but if you break his heart he won't come back.
Guy one "whoa, that guy's so lucky, how come he gets all the bitches?"

Guy two "I don't know...?"

Guy one "man he's such a Declan
by SuperSpiderOnePunchDeadPoolMan November 21, 2016
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