No one goes to school day. Everyone December 16 is the day we all ditch school.
Teacher: Why is nobody here?!!
Tree: Because it’s December 16!
by sungsinger2146 October 27, 2019
National rage day, Rage at anything at anytime with no consequences ( no illegal stuff tho)
Oh look is December 16th we can rage today :D
by LaQuitch October 18, 2019
if you were born on this day i officially declare u a winner at life. people born on this day are mature, funny and intelligent people. these people do not care if you are criticizing them and will power through it. so back off.
when’s your birthday

december 16th why
oh you wanna be best friends
yeah sure
by felicia back off October 23, 2019
The day we all don’t go to school because tiktok told us not to.
What if we both didn’t go to school on December 16?
I can’t go to school on December 16 because tiktok told me not to.
by juuliaaaaaaaaaaa on tiktok October 28, 2019
This is the day you can slap your bestfriend when ever you want!
Bsf- why’d you slap me?
Me- haven’t you heard? It’s december 16!
by SnitchNine69 December 14, 2019
National give your girl a hoodie day. You give your girl your hoodie or you give your man's your scrunchie. Or do both if your lgbtq+
Guy 1: dude its december 16th.
Guy 2: and?
Guy 1: go give your girl your hoodie
by December 15, 2019