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1) A member of the deathrock counter-culture
2) A missing link between punk and goth
3) A gothic-punk

Style and appearance:
A deathrocker's style is:
1) A mix of the goth and punk fashion: black\gray clothes, ripped clothes typical to punk, amulets and jewelry typical to goth, combat\biker boots (Doc Martins preferably).
2) Makeup
3) Nail-polish (some say it's necessary)
4) Deathhawk, mohawk, spikes, irokez, death guy doo, trihawk, any colored or natural hair
5) D.I.Y.

1) Have ironic humor
2) Be fond of blood, brains, zombies (mostly), vampires, bats.
3) Be political.
4) Be interested in supernatural, strange, mystical, occult things
5) Pretend to be undead
6) Be artistic, as both punks and goths are artistic people
7) Read a lot (mostly anything you like)
8) Mosh and fight! - since you're half punk, you can mosh or fight whenever you want, as you have to stand up for what is yours
9) Be ironic!
10) Walk around graveyards, as you're half goth, just don't mess it up
11) Never be too serious
12) Watch horror
13) Be yourself and don't sell-out!
14) Worship death, but don't take it as a authority
15) Be against mainstream

Music: (bands are JUST examples, listen to anything you like of these genres)
1) Deathrock (TSOL, 45 Grave, Christian Death)
2) Batcave
3) Post-punk (Joy Division, Siouxie and The Banshees)
4) Goth-rock (there's not much there anymore, listen to what you find, unless they're posers or pop-goth)
5) Punk-rock (any with political background, but not pop-punk)
6) Horror-punk (The Horrors, Misfits, Wednesday 13)
by pseudo-british January 22, 2009
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Mid 1980's term for a goth used by non Goth's. Someone who wears black, loves halloween, wears white makeup, black lipstick, give friends black roses, black balloons, listens to Gothic music.

In France they are also called Curists, because they are known to listen to The Cure.

Gothic Bands include: Christian Death, Legendary Pink Dots, The Cure, Bauhaus, Siouxie and the Banshees.
Wow! Aren't you the deathrocker today with those spider pattern stockings!
by octavius April 28, 2004
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Listens to bands that you have never heard of. Has hairstyle that can only be described as "complicated." (Most likely achieved by a minimum of one week not washing it.) Probably tattooed. Maybe gay. Definitely cooler than you. Reads Black Book, Nylon, and the Styles section of the New York Times. Drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon. Often. Complains. Always denies being a deathrocker. Hates the word. Probably living off parents money - and spends a great deal of it to look like they don't have any. Has friends and/or self cut hair. Dyes it frequently (black, white-blonde, etc. and until scalp bleeds). Has a closet full of clothing but usually wears same three things OVER AND OVER (most likely very tight black pants, scarf, and ironic tee-shirt). Chips off nail polish artfully after $50 manicure. Sleeps with everyone and talks about it at great volume in crowded coffee shops. Addicted to coffee, cigarettes (Parliaments, Kamel Reds, Lucky Strikes, etc.), and possibly cocaine. Claims to be in a band. Rehearsals consist of choosing outfits for next show and drinking PBR. Always on the list. Majors or majored in art, writing, or queer studies. Name-drops. May go by "Penny Lane," "Eleanor Rigby," etc. when drunk. On PBR. Which is usually.
Wow, wait, is this the definition of "hipster"? Could it be... deathrockers are... HIPSTERS!?
by Juanelo April 26, 2009
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