The king of the ghouls and lead singer for an array of amazing bands; Frankenstein Drag Queens, Murderdolls, Wednesday 13, Bourbon Crow, Gunfire 76 and Maniac Spider Trash. A true master of every genre.

Obsessed with b-movies and classic horror, he has penned such classics as 'Buried by Christmas', 'Love at First Fright' and 'Bloodsuckers Anonymous'. What is there not to love?

In addition to this, he is the reason behind the popular internet phrase 'OMFW13' or 'Oh-my-fucking-Wednesday-13'
Person 1; 'O.M.F.G, what is that sound?'
Person 2; 'That is the music of the one and only, Wednesday 13'
Person 1; *dies and goes to heaven/hell (delete as appropriate)*
by getzombified August 3, 2010
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Lead singer of amazing glam, horror, rock, punk, goth, whateveryouwanttocallit band the Murderdolls. looks hot in drag
Wednesday 13 looks hot in drag. Yes it's that simple.
by theonlykatie13 December 18, 2005
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the hott singer once again from Murderdolls who looks really sexy with his dreds!!! and has the sexiest voice on earth!!!
he kix ass and is really really really hott!!!
by gothicmurderdolls August 21, 2003
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One of the coolest singers around! Wednesday 13 fucking rocks!. Wednesday 13 is also the lead singer of Murderdolls. If you don't like them, you can fucking drop dead, bitch.

Band members are: Wednesday 13, Kid Kid, Ghastly, & Pig.
A bullet in your head is how I want it. Your body on the floor -- a Kodak moment
You're a waste of air and a waste of space. I want sharp objects to fly into your face. I hate you now more than I ever did.

I wanna kill you, dig you up and do it again. I want a car to run over your head Put it in reverse and do it again!
by I forget May 9, 2005
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A scary, hard rock, crapped music, unpleasant looking band that Jonathan likes. They talk a lot about death and the songs hurt ears due to their singer that sounds like he has something big shoved down his throat.
Wednesday 13 is gay.
by aannoonnyymmoouuss September 10, 2006
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Singer Joseph Poole, Born 1976.
Known as Wednesday 13
Was originally In 'Maniac Spider Trash'
Also in 'Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13'
Also in 'Murderdolls' ( firstly known as 'The Rejects' )
Also in 'Wednesday 13'
Great singer
Long black hair/some dreaded
lip piercing/Right eyebrow piercing
tattoos on both arms
Songs include alot of content about Cliche horror movies
Heroes - Vincent Price ( old horror movie star )
Wednesday 13 is one of the greatest singers this world has known
by Jonny Bush May 7, 2007
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