The best boyfriend anyone could ever want or wish for. Perfection.
by Smokeleaf892 November 17, 2019
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A very sweet guy. Starts of fucking with girls but then finds the one girl. Usually associated with perfection.
Wow he's such a kamel

He's changed to a kamel
by Janshenejrmr December 17, 2016
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The nickname of the laziest mutha' you will ever meet. Often used in reference to pulling a stupid move in a video game, such as killing yourself or scoring for the other team. Usually phrased as 'Pulling a Kamel.'
"Again... I just jumped of the damn bridge!"

"You pulled a Kamel!"
by Anonymous April 7, 2005
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Another word used to describe one of those STD ridden slags found at any common night club. These slags could also apply for a Sperm bank license seeing as they practically leak cum everywhere.
Pimp Daddy dan: Oooo man look at that sweet piece of booty over there

Pimp Daddy pete: wooo fuck that man she's a Kamel, she spilling cum everywhere. i bet she doesent even have a license.
by Bromofo3434 May 18, 2008
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Kamel means for someone to be so stupid that it seems like satire but they are actually serious.
Alex-Bro Mark has the most Kamel opinions

Tyler-I know bro he needs to stop being Kamel all the time
by Someone really gay July 2, 2021
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Verb. To fail miserably at something.


There once was a guy named Kamel who wasn't very bright. He was once asked on an exam "What is a Homosapien" to which he answered "A guy who luvs other guys". Angry that he got the question wrong, he confronted the teacher and learned that the right answer was "a human being" and made it a point to remember it so that he would get it right the next time. Lo and behold, Kamel had the exact same question on the Final Exam, and he answered it full of confidence. But, when he got the exam back, it was marked wrong. Flabbergasted, he showed his friend and his friend almost died laughing because Kamel answered the question with "a humming bean".
I need to get a 90 on the next test. I really kamelled the last one!
by Latinoarabian April 20, 2018
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