can be used in various contexts such as "no", or "i'd rather not" or "i'm not going to"
-"Yo son, you trying to get this 24 pack for tonight?"
-"nah son, deadiesss"
by haveac1gar December 19, 2007
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The bastard stepchild of UCF student Ralph Robinson that comes out only after having 10 too many drinks and not being able to feel anything in his body.
When Ralph turned into Deady last night he gave us his last words before he passed.
by Christopher Kelly September 11, 2003
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When after a long night of drinking at U Club and taking pictures with random strangers Ralph retires to his dorm where he realizes he is going to die and films his last words.
"Let's make sure tonight when we drink you don't drink too much and turn into Deady."
by Dana Karen September 12, 2003
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The bear from the grateful dead artwork, or the dancing bears. Who apparently where never supposed to be dancing in the first place but actually supposed to be in a "High-stepping march."
They are also a clear give away to cops to stop and search those inside for drugs.
Did you see that guys Deady bear?
Yeah, he's getting stopped and searched forsure.
by tiickulXmiiXelmo September 05, 2010
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deady is an ugly spotty bastard.he is really annoying nd fell in love with a girl called lucy.he has a fuck off huge snozzle.
oh my god look its deady ahh hes ugly man
by big sal August 21, 2004
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