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method used by the metropolitan police, among others, to intimidate and alienate most black people in their communities. People are stopped at random and have their clothing searched, in public, in the most humiliating way possible, usually accompanied by a large amount of sarcasm and unecessary physical force.

Is based on the incorrect assumption that most black people in inner city london are criminals.

The police stop 8 times more black people than they do whites.

Only a tiny number of searches result in the detection of any criminal behaviour or intent.

is another form of police brutality and more proof of the disgraceful state of aso-called public service in this country.
"look sarge, there's a nigger, and what's worse he's got a white woman on his arm.

"ok son you know what to do. Stop and search him, and be sure to plant some drugs in his pocket while you're at it"
by Ben Dover of the Yard April 16, 2004
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