Mostly relevant to those with ADHD but also neurotypicals that procrastinate or are just lazy.

The process of not doing the thing till the thing is absolutely due imminently.
John: how did you approach question 4 in the assignment that's due tomorrow?
David: yeah I've not started that yet, I'm currently playing deadline chicken
by Shadow the little blue cat March 16, 2023
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The act of doing all of the over due work you have been procrastinating all term in one night, usually fuelled by caffeine or adderall.
"hey you still got that addy? I'm going home and getting on the deadline grind"
by Pwcrulesfuckgonzaga January 16, 2017
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An insane deadline, huge workload under very tight deadline. Named after Indonesian prambanan temple folklore, which demanded that 1000 temples should be built overnight.
by rtnF April 19, 2022
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When you "celebrate" reaching a deadline by having sex/masturbating.

(I thought of this on call with a friend)
"would you like to deadline fuck"

"I've hit my deadline, id like to deadline fuck"
by Cult_for_frogs8722 May 14, 2021
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Etymology: At the end of WW 2, when the British were about to overrun the German Nazi's, the Nazi's often sought to eliminate all evidence of their crimes in the internment camps. This evidence also included the prisoners. They were put in a line and killed, which had to be done before the British arrived.
We have to make a deadline before the British arrive!
by faky fake November 14, 2019
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when a relationship is over and its not your problem
Charlie:She cheated on me bro!

Andy: WHAT! oh nah she's a deadline
by DD ROOKS March 1, 2023
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A feeling or attitude that sports GMs get around the trade deadline that often makes them agree to trade deals that they would normally have rejected.
Sports fan 1: What? Why did they trade him?
Sports fan 2: (sighs) Just another victim of trade deadline syndrome...
by Wordsboy99 January 19, 2017
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