A: "What the hell is all that trash doing on the roads of Ukraine's Chornobaivka?"
B: "That's a deadline. Russians did it again..."
by Mr.Tro April 14, 2022
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A hard deadline which absolutely, positively, must be met or the world will end. Or not. Whatever.
"In other news, another Greek deadline for resolving their fiscal crisis has come and gone. Finance ministers are now saying that the REAL deadline for resolving this crisis is in two weeks."
by GG top February 8, 2012
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A random deadline to complete a task, which has no real world consequences. For example, your office sets Monday as the deadline on all canned food donations for charity , but the box just sits there until Friday, which is the actual day they planned on taking it to the food bank.
"Hey bro, did you get your weekly report done for the big boss? He needs it today!"

"Naaah, it's only Wednesday. Wednesday's an artificial deadline, because he doesn't even send those reports to corporate for another week."
by Mr. Bill III January 28, 2016
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The firmest of deadlines, reflecting a finality beyond which is decidedly too late.
I told the reporter I needed the article by Thursday, allowing a couple of comfort days until my actual drop-deadline of Saturday.
by Dan Rice April 11, 2008
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Someone who is "deadline-oriented" is an incorrigible procrastinator. Whether in school, work or personal life, the only thing that motivates this individual is an imminent deadline.

Whatever time is given for a task, the deadline oriented person will begin the task with not quite enough time to finish it, and work furiously to complete it before the deadline.

Journalists and students are some of the most "deadline-oriented" people.
After not working on her 50-page thesis all semester, Sarah pulled three consecutive all-nighters to finish it on time. Some might call her a procrastinator, but she prefers "deadline-oriented."
by sozh September 30, 2009
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A newspaper or magazine writer who creates inane articles about alleged dramatic changes in culture or society, even though the evidence is often flimsy generalties and select anecdotes.
Did you see that deadline anthropologist's article about American men now caring more about charity than acquiring personal wealth? Must be true because the pastor and kindergarten teacher quoted in the article said so.
by IndySparkPlug September 27, 2010
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A hard deadline to accomplish a task or make a decision, primarily for a politician, forced upon by several auditors independent of political orientation. Despite the last property, most of the auditors are hardcore feminists. Failure to comply will most likely cause the disruption of political influence and general distrust of the arbiter.

The result or outcome of the decision or task is expected to be in favour of the auditors.

Etmyology: from the Norwegian politician Trond Giske who allegedly sexually harassed several female co politicians and who is subject for exclusions by the leadership of the Norwegian Labour Party.
"The Giske deadline is tomorrow at noon. If you don't comply or we don't like the result, be prepared for Bedlam"
by Trond Not G January 3, 2018
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