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Often occurs when you use words to describe an activity on a web forum, one whose users typically relate better to photos.

By posting, you have "gotten it (the topic) off of your chest," so to speak. However, other, perhaps, less intelligent forum users - accustomed to photos, instead of words - express their discontent, causing you to feel an obligaton to edit the post, include photos and undergo all the work that might entail
I have a photo debt running on the car forum I use. I described my work on three different car projects, but the wording was too complicated for most of the forum users to grasp and they told me so. Therefore, if I wish to stay in the good graces of the forum, I am in a "photo debt" to them until I provide photos of the projects I described
by HonkusSeized June 5, 2007
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A fictional time or date by which something should be completed, ususally according to a movie, television show, video game, science fiction book, or bullshit artist.
Example 1:

Dude: "It's 2015. Weren't we supposed to have hoverboards like Marty McFly in Back To The Future II by now?"

Girl : Nah, "2015" was just a movie deadline. We're just kicking that hoverboard shit off in 2015 and the tech for it kind of sucks right now.

Example 2:

Girl: "Jake said he was going to marry me by 2012. It's 2015 -- I guess that 2012 bullshit was just a 'movie deadline.'"
by HonkusSeized June 27, 2015
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Cater Casting occurs when a film is cast with too many recognizable stars - say as with Ocean's 11, 12, and now 13.

Look at any billboard for Ocean's 13. Who do you see? The stars, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, Al Pacino, Don Cheadle, Berney Mac? Nah. With so many stars in the film, each individual's "star power" is diminished and you start to see what looks like the catering crew at any 4-5 star Hotel in Los Angeles.
The film, Ocean's 13, is an example of Cater Casting.
by HonkusSeized June 4, 2007
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1. Non-possesive spelling of the Robek's juice-smoothie cafes.

2. Slang for muscular male who does a lot of "juicing," ie. uses steroids heavily, but denies it when questioned. "Ro" alludes to robot or machine (see Arnold Schwarzenneger as The Terminator);
Dave: You seen how big Mike's gotten? Must have put on 50 pounds of muscle...

Chris: Yeah, but how'd he do that in three months

Dave: He says that all he did was train naturally all summer.

Chris: Bullshit..., that guy's been using more juice than Robek's.

That "Robek"-mutha fucka trying to play it off like its just normal growth
by HonkusSeized April 15, 2005
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Term describing periods of a person's life wasted by external forces beyond his or her control.
A good college degree is still worth it. Good graduate degrees are still worth it. Everything leading up to both -- grade school, jr. high, high-school (even their parochial/prep versions) -- contains the "time flab" that needs to get cut for a lot more smart kids.
by HonkusSeized June 12, 2010
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A "Doctor" who largely reduced the prestige of licensed medical professionals in the intelligent public's mind between 1998 and 2009.

"Dr Google" belongs to the same Country Club as "Google Esq" "Google CPA," "Google CFA," "Google Broker," "Prof Google," and "Coach Google."
You're 38 years old and you have an IQ over 140. You don't have a medical license or attempt to provide medical treatment to others. You do, however, consult "Dr Google" for your own medical needs on a regular basis and have had a long, successful "Doctor"-patient relationship with 'him.' In recent years, you feel inclined to send "Dr Google" the "thank you" gifts that you used to send to real physicians.
by HonkusSeized May 1, 2009
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Numerical short-cut used in text messaging that represents the years "1997-1999: a time-period in which dotcom companies without even a decent URL could tap the NASDAQ honey-pot, if not the corporate buy-out one.
Not just Flooz.com. Later companies such as Skype -- founded in 2003 and acquired by Ebay like it was some kind of expensive, corporate vernerial disease in 2005 -- are also in fact 9799.
by HonkusSeized April 13, 2009
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