The closer you get to a deadline the more motivated you are to complete the assigned work
"Lets do this assignment man, my deadline drive has finally kicked in"
by PatternBlue December 10, 2015
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A deadline is approaching, there is 20 person-days of work to-be-done, and 5 workdays in front of you. While you wade through the doable tasks, more work piles up behind you faster and faster, pushing you towards the deadline. Then, the wave breaks, either you surf straight out of it with confidence and speed (you successfully finish work) or you crash and fall into the whitewater (which experienced deadline surfers call the "stuck inside a washing machine mayhem").

The deadline arrives, washes every crashed surfer on shore, while the experienced riders swim out to catch the next one.

"I love deadlines, I love the sound they make when they swoosh by".
Douglas Adams
"Sorry, can we reschedule to later? I am currently deadline surfing for the deadline tomorrow".
by leobard March 31, 2009
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to release a deadline so late there's essentially no genuine chance of hitting it
A: How's the project looking?
B: Well, I seem to be on track for the next milestone, but I get the boss is about to sprint a deadline on me.
by MrPiglet October 21, 2009
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The act of doing the least amount of work possible such that you could still conceivably get your essay in on time.
"Hey man do you wanna cheeky game of Boxhead?"

"Nah bro, gotta do some work now cause I spent all last night deadline surfing"
by toorightbro333 September 23, 2015
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Maturating to celebrate getting something finished/turned in before its intended deadline, occasionally used when you turn it in on the deadline.
"Dude I had such good deadline pleasure after I finally got that essay done"
by Simple-tech June 6, 2023
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The greatest band ever...hails from Dothan, Alabama. They will conquer rock and make all the ladies undress.
C: Hey! Shouldn't Deadline March cover this song?

T: Who?
by T-Col August 21, 2010
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if said, the opponents life, along with its entire family, dissolves into space dust. you become ruler of all insults, making you a god. everyone shall submit to you, or else they share the same fate
Person1:ur mom gay
Person2:ur dad lesbian
person1:ur sister a mister
person2:ur brother a mother
person1:ur granny a tranny
person 2: ur grandpap a trap
person1:ur family tree lgbt
person2: ur ancestors incestors

*person 1 in disbelief, he decided to pull out his trump card*

person1: your bloodline a deadline

*person 2 becomes space dust, along with his entire family.*
by cheese blended with mayo April 1, 2020
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