blown off; rejected; deliberatly singled out; abandoned for reasons unknown.
I like the way my best people straight deaded me.
by Armando August 17, 2004
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to put an end to a conversation, a relationship or some sort of beef(problem)...
Yo I just deaded it cause we were getting nowhere arguing about shit....
by symone..AKA ill nana August 2, 2005
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Harvard deaded Jim despite his 1.7 GPA.
by AirNik August 24, 2003
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a term used to describe an event/object that has no use to you. It’s dead. Or it has a total lack of fun.
Ben: “Yo, that party was DEADED! There was a lack of lack of sluts. DEADED!”
by Mango1231 February 26, 2011
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When a person cuts communication only after getting a response from a friend or acquaintance. Its not quite bad as ghosting, but is more aggravating because you knew they were around to see the message
I dont think Joelman liked my response to his text. He hasn't messaged me back in days. I think I have been deaded...
by tiffii April 26, 2019
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To pass out or fall asleep on someone.

To be deaded, to be discontinued.
I can't believe my boyfriend deaded on me last night!

This party is so deaded.

This chat room is so deaded!

Everyone has just deaded. (Fallen asleep)
by Natsuka2014 February 16, 2015
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Referring to someone being robbed of something; usually an object.
Friend A: Can I see your pencil?
Friend B: No, I'm using it.
Friend A snatches pencil from Friend B
Friend C: Ha! You just got deaded for your pencil!
by Teddii Bear January 17, 2009
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