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leftover prescriptions found laying around in the house. very risky to leave around, as they could be illegal to keep after you aren’t prescribed the same medication anymore.
Dude, I just found some Valium scriptovers.
by 30_DOLLARHAIRCUT March 6, 2020
Sometimes used as a synonym of "literal" used in contexts where literal wouldn't work quite right.
*CONTEXT: Your friend, Jack, is rolling down a hill*
Jack is deadass on a roll.
by 30_DOLLARHAIRCUT December 25, 2018
A combination of Imodium and Nexium or Prilosec. Imodium acts as an opioid similar to methadone when taken with PPI’s such as Nexium, it is sold in stores without prescription as it normally can not cross the blood-brain barrier. This is also why its used as a self-treatment for opioid withdrawal.
that imoxium be the best shit from cvs.
by 30_DOLLARHAIRCUT January 25, 2022
Could be either a reference to a sex act of one cupping their hands around another ball-sack, or slang for making lean, in reference to the common double cup used to keep the ice from melting.
Ex 1: Man I really want to double cup Tom Nook.

Ex 2: Double cupping some hydro syrup.
by 30_DOLLARHAIRCUT March 24, 2020