The third Thursday of November is dead memes thursday. On dead memes thursday we celebrate memes that aren't popular anymore. These dead memes bring back memories and remind us of how retarded we once were.

Some dead memes will still be funny, while others will sound ridiculous and give us an understanding of the retardedness of our past selves.
On dead memes thursday, we celebrated the ppap guy.
by Sujay Lover September 12, 2018
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It’s the month of only dead memes. You can only make/post and show other people dead memes
Guy 1: hey dude what u watching?
Guy 2 shows dead meme: remember this meme?
Guy 1: damn...
Guy 2 : it’s dead meme December now dude.
by YABOIYEETYT November 12, 2020
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Post one dead meme on your account for each day of February.
Thanks to Recite Dead Meme Feburary, Harambe has come back from the dead!
by WhoDatFreshBoi July 18, 2018
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December 21st every year is Revive Dead Memes Day, on this day, and only this day, you can post dead memes.
Person 1: Revive Dead Memes Day is tomorrow, what memes are you going to be posting?
Person 2: doge
Person 1: I’m gonna post troll face
Person 2: good
by George08091 December 18, 2020
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