The date that all amazing,sweet and handsome people were born on.
"Hey that guy was born on December 21st!"
"Ugh, no wonder he's so handsome then."
by kastriotsbabycakes October 16, 2019
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December 21st is the day that a beautiful sunshine girl was born. She looks like a strawberry and her freckles are the seeds which makes her the most adorable thing ever! She’s always super happy and when she’s sad it just makes you wanna cry. Her smile is absolutely breathtaking and her puns are hilarious!
Person 1: Bro, do you know someone born on December 21st?
Person 2: Heck yes! She changed my world!
by LilTaye November 16, 2019
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people born on this day are the most fuckable people to ever be born
person 1: woah who’s the new girl

person 2: idk but i’m tryna slide

person 1: so is everyone else, she was born on december 21st
by feetfetish69jakepaul November 4, 2019
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The hottest people are born
A true friend
Your crush will ask you out
Crush Damn she is fine
Friend yeah and she a ture friend
Crush's friend yeah cause she born in December 21st
by 5e6e6eyeyye December 2, 2019
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This day Is a day were u go to someone you like ( Crush ) and tell them something extremely embarrassing about your past and they can’t judge it what so ever
“Hey bobbyjill “
“What you want”
I shat myself in a meeting with my coworkers, wanna see some proof”

“ is it December 21st or something, that’s is an amazing story hah”
by Yooo.u. December 2, 2020
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The day that the gayest people were born, and I mean the absolute gayest.
Hey dude did you hear that Alex came out? He must’ve been born on December 21st
by Gayestbitchalive October 23, 2019
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On December 21st, you should give your most depressed, darkest, or loneliest friend a big hug. (because it’s that time of year and no one should be alone during that time of year)
Person 1: hey, it’s December 21st, you know what that means!
Person 2: I always look forward to today *hugs*
by NoirTheTimeless December 17, 2021
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