Something that the Internet got bored of.
Kid1: yo check out this meme
Kid2: that's a dead meme
Kid1: So!? Just because its Uganda Knuckles Doesn't mean it sucks!
by BreadTaken January 11, 2021
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A meme that has been overused, usually by normies. Some examples are:
1) Pepe
2) Ugandan Knuckles
3) Dab
Bill: Hey, checkout this Ugandan Knuckles meme!
Mike: That memes dead.
Bill: No, its not a dead meme if I still quote it!
Lily: Its dead you normie! Its because of you!
by TheStrangerWhoKnows November 18, 2018
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(n.) a meme that is overused to the extent where it is no longer considered comic worthy to the more mature culture of memes.
Pepe the Frog has become so common on the internet it has become a dead meme
rage comics are considered to be the deadest memes on the internet for their child friendliness
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To define a meme that is no longer relevant or not used anymore. Often most people are tired of it. A meme slowly gets forgotten until it is mostly forgotten then it is considered a dead meme.
by Epicwordman July 7, 2019
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A meme that no one uses anymore to post on social media are make funny vids on YT.
A.K.A underrated memes
12 year old :Me and the boys raiding Area 51.

9 year old: thats a dead meme you idiot
by Phibun August 11, 2020
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A dead meme means that a meme gets way too overused to the point it gets overrated.
Example #1:
Random Person #1: Do you know da wae?
Random Person #2: The Ugandan Knuckles is a dead meme.

Example #2:
Random Person #1: The Duolingo Owl is hunting on you because you didn't learn your Spanish lesson today.
Random Person #2: Stop with the "Duolingo Owl" thing, that meme is dead already.
by Cohenfan31 June 1, 2020
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A meme that has been killed by Pewdiepie, in other words kills the meme by showing it to normies
Me: Pewdiepie left us all these dead memes. I wish we are able to make more memes to replace all the ones he kills
Me: *Unsubscribe and dislike*
by Olive Soose December 3, 2018
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