People in the business community will have no respect for you if you hand them the dead fish.
by freewill December 10, 2011
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a horrible kissing technique.
To have someone stick their tongue in your mouth and not move it in any way despite your efforts to pash normally or adequately , they are giving you a dead fish -- or more commonly 'dead fishing you'.

expecting a kiss, but to have someone leave their tongue in your mouth like a dead fish, lifeless and still.

It is important to remember that the 'dead fish' is not done on purpose as a joke, but is done through lack of any technique. The person doing the 'dead fish' usually will blame it on being drunk or find other excuses to avoid embarrassment when being confronted.
girl 1 - so, how was the pash with Brett last night?
girl 2 - uuggghh he dead fished me.
by executive. January 12, 2011
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(verb) The condition of one's limbs going limp, causing one to spontaneously fall to the ground from a standing upright position, as a dead fish would. This action follows someone directing the command "dead fish" towards an unsuspecting victim. The goal is to make the "dead fish" feel as awkward and embarassed as humanly possible.
"Wow, Kate Morris just got dead fished in front of the entire boys' soccer team. She looks like an idiot."
"I just got dead fished in front of the entire mens' lacrosse team. I'm going to go kill myself now"
by JP and Ariel April 17, 2006
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When going in for a highfive, you turn your hand and hit the other persons hand with the back of your hand.
The Dead fish high five originated in Michigan.
by CraigK April 18, 2007
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a person when making out will just lie there straight as a board and have the monkey look on face when trying to make out, there is no contact, no feeling of others ass or fondaling of the nuts, nothing stiff as a board and stays there the whole time.
by mike choch April 26, 2003
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A slang term for 'lame', 'uncool'.
"Wow, that is so deadfish."

"Becks, that song was deadfish."
by Rachel-Jane May 23, 2008
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