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One of the most Bad Ass last names in all of history.
DUDE have you seen this guy's last name before? "De Jesus" what a BAD ASS NAME.
by EduardoD January 21, 2009
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Literally means "From the loins of Jesus". It is a holy crotch. If encountered as a name, let it be known that the individual was derived from Jesus's crotch.
Bobby: Forgive me father for I have sinned.
Father: What is it, my son?
Bobby: I was at my girlfriend's house and saw her DeJesus....
by Clayton013 September 09, 2008
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Mexican Jesus taken from the from the king of the Jews name Yehoshua aka Jesus Christ.
Pronounced "da-Jesus" as in, "Hey everyone look its De Jesus.
Mexican catholic: . Oh my god! Its De Jesus has come to save us here in Mexico!
by superbipolar420 July 06, 2016
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