Someone who participates in the fun, fun, but also frustrating sport known as figure skating.

Not to be confused with synchro or ice dancing
I cant think of an example so I'll just write figure skater.
by iThink February 20, 2008
Ok I need to clarify thigs a bit, the picture above is not called a chinese spiral, it's called a catch-foot, or beilman spiral. And there is no such thing as a "quint axel", the hardest jump in figure skating is the quad axel, never landed in competition, but it is still possible. And I heard all of you talking about how difficult and dangerous figure skating is, but you failed to mention the grace and beauty of the sport.
"Here it comes, the triple lutz, this one's big,..., wow! She landed that so beautifly and gracefully, that take-off was absolutely esquisette, and her height was amazing. She just proved herself to the judges as a TRUE figure skater"
by bootylishous November 12, 2006
one who partakes in the sport of figure skating and is an extremely sexy performer when they take the ice. "if figure skating were easy, they'd call it hockey"
that person beating the crap out of that hockey player with their toe pick is a figure skater.
by sheils July 22, 2005
a figure skater is an athlete who partakes in the sport of figure skating, an extremely difficult and dangerous sport that is commonly reffered 2 as ice skating instead of figure skating. many ppl consider it 2 b a girly or easy sport.....and to them i say "well, letz see that quint axel!"
a figure skater has 2 do on ice and off ice training, has to take the risk of injuring just about any part of her/his body, and has 2 realize that itz completely worth it :D
by i, me, and myself September 16, 2005
the coolest spotrt in the world where people do crazy jumps and waco spins.For more look up Synchro.
I am a serious competitive figure skater.
by Joanna Williams July 6, 2005
(most) figure skaters are uber awesome!!! sum idiots think that figure skating is an effeminate or un-manly sport. well, letz c that quintuple axel!
do not bad-mouth skating 2 a figure skater; thazz wut toe-picks r 4 ;)
a person who thinks they are an athlete but are really just a snobby, stuck up public skater in fancy clothes. Mostly woman but every now and then you get the typical gay man who fits right in with the livestyle of a figure skater. All figure skaters act like they hate hockey players but deep down inside they really want to get them in bed. This is very true at THE RINK.
Look at becca out there. She just thinks her shit dont stink because she can do a spin. Typical figure skater.
by the rink guys January 7, 2011