A retarded fag that thinks he's the best at everything but is actually shit at everything he usually has glasses that make his eyes big.
Dawson is a dumbass
by 123469420 March 10, 2022
Various meanings:

1) To do or say something ridiculously stupid.
2) To sleep on a pillow that has actual shit inside it as a substitute for feathers and catch pinkeye as a result.
3) To complete sexual favours for your stepdad.
4) To be so fat that you have to have extra wide doors fitted in your house.
Example of number 1

Mum "Where did you come in the race son?"

Kid "I came 1th mum!"

Example of number 3

Stepdad "Come here kid I've got some smegma on my penis that you need to come and lick off."

Kid "Not again, I feel like such a dawson"
by i am moin February 24, 2010
A fat fuck who sucks dick very well. Usually exceeding 300 pounds.
The fat dude is such a Dawson.
by straight up fat ass August 1, 2016
A small town right outside of the most corrupt capital (Springfield) in the US. Dawson is filled with nothing but old skanks and young hillbillys. There are two bars in the town the one closes at 8 P.M. The other one is now some sort of fancy bar restaurant and they hate to call it a bar but it has volleyball beer and sports. So it's not a bar just a "restaurant". During harvest time this town is booming with farmer joes all over the place busting their ass to get little to no money for some corn and beans. The mayor is a comedian thus why Dawson is such a joke. If you really want a thrill come to Dawson during the winter time when the roads are covered in ice! The town decides to throw down gravel and sand in hope to get rid of the ice. Overall Dawson is a really small town. If you pass it you wouldn't even notice it.
Who's ready to party in the big Town of Dawson tonight?
by $350 December 19, 2016
Extremely annoying, always negative, typical hockey fag
You see that kid dawson?? Such a douche canoe
by Endhockeyguys April 25, 2018
Short, stupid, ugly boi who likes jazz. He’s also gay.
“Man Dawson is so short and ugly!”
I know right!”
by Joe mama man January 24, 2020
The worst possible name you can call a human being. They will probably kill themselves
Jim- Dude I just ate all your candy!!!!
Kaden- You're such a Dawson!!!!!!!!
Jim- (hangs himself)
by TheBraininator January 17, 2017