To evade in a rapid manner.
Man jo, I had to "get little" on dem hoes!
by Clevo-G January 16, 2007
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evading someone to the point to where you look visibly smaller to them.
I had to get little on 5-0. They were on my ass.
by coop diggity July 7, 2011
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when you are saying bye to a person and as they walk away their appearance gets smalled and smaller the farther they go. thus instead of saying goodbye you say get little
girl: alright i have to go

boy: ok get little

girl: you too
by urdiamondgirl March 25, 2009
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The act of getting super cool extra perks for your fly-ass self when you didn't do anything special to earn it. A bussin surprise for your sweet little eyes.
Yo, Jerry. Go down to Newk's and get a little extra for yourself - you sexy tiger, you.
by RedGreenGrumble April 22, 2022
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A phrase used to ask a person to flash you, possibly leading to sexual contact of some sort.
"DAMN girl, you so fine, can I get a little "zip-zip", "looky-looky"?
by Maddie McGregor January 20, 2008
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