To evade in a rapid manner.
Man jo, I had to "get little" on dem hoes!
by Clevo-G January 16, 2007
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evading someone to the point to where you look visibly smaller to them.
I had to get little on 5-0. They were on my ass.
by coop diggity July 7, 2011
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when you are saying bye to a person and as they walk away their appearance gets smalled and smaller the farther they go. thus instead of saying goodbye you say get little
girl: alright i have to go

boy: ok get little

girl: you too
by urdiamondgirl March 25, 2009
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The act of getting super cool extra perks for your fly-ass self when you didn't do anything special to earn it. A bussin surprise for your sweet little eyes.
Yo, Jerry. Go down to Newk's and get a little extra for yourself - you sexy tiger, you.
by RedGreenGrumble April 22, 2022
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I see you guys are downvoting my definitions

Seems like some people are mad or something.

Are you Jews that worried? Well, don’t take it out on me. You shouldn’t underestimate someone like me.

You Jews surely need friends and I’m not even responsible for this failing economy. I really don’t know why people hate me so much…
Getting a little edgy, fellas
by Death Menace May 24, 2023
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