David is the greatest man you’ll ever have the privilege to know. He is the epitome of a gentleman and he is the most charismatic person you’ll ever meet. A David has a big heart and he is very compassionate. He loves animals (especially ducks). David is sometimes shy and he is very adorable when he blushes. If you’ve found yourself a David, you better CUFF him while you can. David has many women vying for his attention but he is very very loyal. Davids have so much potential and ambition. David’s intellect is unmatched. Davids will create great lives for themselves and their families. David will make the best husband and he will never let you down. He will also make a great father and he will do anything for his children. David has the most wonderful energy that is contagious to others. He makes people smile very easily and he has the purest of souls. A David is very attractive and VERY good in bed. He will always listen to your desires and needs. A David always pleases his partners. He is a gorgeous human being. David should always be cherished and loved. David deserves the world.
Person 1: “Daaaaang you’re talking to David?”

Person 2: “YES, I want to date him! He’s so amazing.”
by emzeees17 December 31, 2019
David is someone who will never let you down. They empower others by simply being themselves. David is wise and kind and gives all that he can to what he believes in most. With one look, he knows what's on your heart and how to give you what you need to feel supported and loved as you process what you're feeling. David will give all of himself to his passions and goals. He gives so much of himself to others, I hope he remembers to give to himself too. His heart is a beat to keep time to. David's

very presence grounds everyone around him and reminds them why they're here. He grants you the clarity, through few and highly impactful words, to see yourself and whatever situation you're facing more clearly than you did before. David sees through the bullshit and seeks the real. He seeks the truth. There is no one I would rather have on my team than him. He brings a light to the world that cannot be found in anyone else. You'll find yourself grateful for every moment spent with him. He will light up your whole world. He will become everything you've ever looked for or sought after. It might take you a long time to see it and realize it, but when you do, you'll never be the same.
Person: Where does your soul travel to at night when you sleep?
Me: With him. With David.
by DJ biscuit June 1, 2018
David is tall funny cute has brown eyes and is the best kisser and is mind blowing in the bed and cannot forget about his enormously big dick
Damn David u have a big dick
by Xxx1864 January 28, 2019
david is... an amazing person you will ever meet. He is kind and strong and daring. He is gentle and very sweet. He is very very good looking..and oh he has a great personality. Very athletic and enthusiastic about life. Enjoys making everyone around him happy.
Girls must love having a David around.
by lynn-o-matic July 26, 2014
David is outgoing, loving , and an amazing person overall. he is the fuuniest person i know and the most kind hearted. he is an amazing friend/boyfriend ever. he might not always respond but hes worth it so if you got one, keep em.
"yep that Davids mine ."
by ~that_girl~ February 4, 2020
Davids are usually very sweet and charming. Although they can also be tricky. If you love a David, you will find yourself falling in love with him over and over whenever he says your name.
David, I love you.
by TheBrownie August 20, 2010