Davey Havok is:
1) lead singer of the phenominal band A.F.I. (a fire inside) which originated in Bay Area, Ca

2) one of the most gorgeous men in the world

3) great lyricist to either troubled teens or poetic...people

4) just plain grrrrreat
i love Davey more than anything in the world
by chris v. August 6, 2005
Davey Havok is the lead singer of the best band of all times... AFI. He is an awesome singer, has great hair and it the most beautiful thing you will ever see!
Davey Havok sang beautifully at the concert.
by DFROOGLE August 13, 2006
1. lead singer of A.F.I (A Fire Inside)

2. a person with the most GORGEOUS hair when it's long.

Davey Havok's hair is lovely. He is an example of hair greatness.
by Empress Nikachu May 3, 2006
A frustrated male version of a Debbie-Downer who complains about everything during an awesome trip.
Why are you so grumpy that we have to drive to North Carolina? Stop being a Davey-Downer.

Synonyms: grumpy pants, negative nelly, clamface
by Duane Pierce July 19, 2017
We give davey goodtimes to women, to get them to do things they would not do sober.
by elpresidentez March 10, 2010
The lead singer of AFI. He is vegan and straigtedge, and the only other original member, besides Adam Carson. He goes through many hair changes, but right now its kinda warped emo. He has full sleeves and straight edge hands on his arms, he has a heart on his chest and a knife on his stomach, he has two broken hearts behind each ear, and black angel wings on his back. He does not play any instrument, but sings and writes most of the lyrics for AFI. He is hexa shmexy!
Davey Havok is Jesus, is it the hair? I think its the hair, yes it the hair.
by afiaddict November 12, 2006
A Christian television program that features two the most hardcore mother fuckers that ever lived. Davey is a ballin' human and Goliath is his dog, who is a ice cold killa'. These two playas solve everyday moral issues and pop cherries at the same time. Goliath has been known for biting the ball sac off of whoever is hating or being a playa' hater to Davey. Davey once shot up a rival gang house, using only his dick as a gun, as his semen is capable of being .357 magnum ammo. They both once were in a fight with scrub, and all that was left of him.....was his dick!
Davey and Goliath both smoke so much weed, when they fart, everyone gets high.
by Boats n' Hoes June 29, 2009