A Fire Inside is a genre-defying band now consisting of Davey Havok(vocals), Jade Puget(guitar), Hunter(bass), and Adam Carson(drums). Once upon a time there were two other cool guys instead of Jade and Hunter, but they left. One of A Fire Inside's traits is that the songs are different through every album; the band grows and changes musically. The most recent release is Decemberunderground. Sing the Sorrow, Black Sails in the Sunset, The Art of Drowning, Answer That and Stay Fashionable, and Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes are some of their other albums.
These guys are awesome. Davey and Jade are hot, and Adam and Hunter are pretty good looking too. There has never been a band so dedicated to their fans as A Fire Inside is to theirs. Therefore they have an almost cult-like following of a fanbase.
A Fire Inside - They are not sell outs.
They are awesome. They are on tour for a long time following the release of their newest album.
by Sunshy July 27, 2006
A punk-revival band from Ukiah, California, started in 1991. Started by Davey Havok, Adam Carson, Geoff Kresge, and Mark, the band has evolved from a hard-hitting punk band to an almost legendary group with a genre all their own, complete with a "new" lineup. Davey and Adam still remain as vocalist and drummer, but Jade Puget has replaced Mark on guitar and Hunter has replaced Geoff as bassist. A Fire Inside, better known as A.F.I., has a current total of eight albums and many other EPs. Their most recent CD was released on June 6th, 2006, and is titled "Decemberunderground". A.F.I. has a huge fanbase with some of the most diehard fans that one will ever witness, and the band continues to enrapture the hearts of troubled youths worldwide with their addicting, cult-like atmosphere and presence.
"Man, A Fire Inside's album 'Answer That And Stay Fashionable' is awesome!"

A.F.I. does NOT stand for the following:
Asking For It
A Fucking Idiot
American Film Industry
by essiesaurusrex July 8, 2006
A group of gentleman who formed a band in Ukiah,California,11 years ago,to follow a dream. They are truely wonderful,and an inspiration. They will change your life..(refer to records "Answer That and Stay Fashionable" "Very Proud of Ya" "Shut Your Mouth & Open Your Eyes" "Black Sails in the Sunset" "The Art of Drowning" "Sing the Sorrow" and the list of eps)
The gentlemen from A Fire Inside are gorgeous.
by I'm no one at all August 12, 2003
The BEST band ever, all of the cds have the best sounds known to man, the band that got me into punk rock.
by Anti-Elitist man! November 3, 2003
The best fucking band ever, beside Nirvana, but kurts dead. Davey is hot, hotter than you.
by AFI IS KICK ASS September 19, 2003
At the moment, my favorite band. Been that way for a while.
No, I'm not a girl, I'm not gay, etc. But I still like AFI (even Sing the Sorrow).
by kaze2k5 January 19, 2004
The best band to walk the planet, a truely unique group of guys. Worth checking out, they have an extremely hardcore but splendid fanbase. Not pronounce AFEE, so get it right. Insult them and I'll kill you.
by Nikki December 15, 2003