when someone gets overly touchy and has no concept of personal boundaries when drunk.
Brock got really davey last night and groped every woman at the club.
by daviddeantheraper May 23, 2017
Explained in a BBC interview, Dave Bayley from the band Glass Animals, “Wavey Davey” refers to an alter ego who has no shame and is comfortable with doing anything and everything.
That guy must have a Wavey Davey when driving like that
by Ipadcover777 May 20, 2020
verb: when part of ones hand is inserted into a sexual orifice of his/her significant other, then is used to shake the hand of a direct relative of the significant other before a proper cleansing of the hand occurs
person 1.
dude, so while i was visiting my girl, i fingered her in the basement while the rest of the family was upstairs. later when i met her brother, i totally gave him a Davey Shake. that poor guy second handedly touched his sisters vagina.

person 2.
u do realize ur goin to hell for that right?

person 1. oh yea.
by robot189 March 20, 2010
Plow a female while holding a stance mirroring MLB legend Jeff Bagwell.
Went to the Hamptons this weekend and gave my girl the Davey Bagwell from sunrise to sunset
by PapaBear3324 December 14, 2019
The act of excessive masturbation without any lubrication until your penis is very swollen the Night before a big date to give the illusion that you’re cock is thicker than it actually is.
“Hey man. Are you ready for your big date later today?” Oh yeah. I did the ol’ Dirty Davey last night. I can’t wait to see the look on her face.
by MrGraves86 May 23, 2019
A daveys is someone who has done or said something stupid without meaning too. An Alex Daveys is a nickname of someone who thinks there cool because of what they say but ends up talking with themselves and playing computer games. They also walk slowly as they will be listening to music or thinking when the next food item will enter their mouths, they concentrate hard when thinking this process and they normally go quite quiet.
Kid 1: How do you spell Hello?
Kid 2: Helo
Kid 1: Your such a daveys!
Kid 2: An Alex Daveys?
Kid 1: Not Yet
by 11en7y February 28, 2017