To uphold a state of greatness that can never be obtained by humanly efforts. Used to describe a immortal-like superior being. Based on a legendary man from Ackerman who supposedly accomplished incredible feats from which the Dos Equis commercials of the Most Interesting Man are based off of.
Dude did you see what that guy just did?? that was such bagwell.
by BunnySmoke September 15, 2009
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man she has a bagwell
by captain birdseye June 17, 2013
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Plow a female while holding a stance mirroring MLB legend Jeff Bagwell.
Went to the Hamptons this weekend and gave my girl the Davey Bagwell from sunrise to sunset
by PapaBear3324 December 14, 2019
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The most seductive and sexiest character on the TV show Prison Break. Played by actor Robert Knepper, Theodore Bagwell (nicknamed "T-Bag") is a sociopath convicted of rape, murder, kidnapping, and countless other crimes.

Although T-Bag is from Alabama, he's not a stereotypical trailer trashbag. His molesting father made him memorize words from the dictionary when he was a child, so T-Bag is now a linguistic genius. He also has this alluring, seductive southern accent which can make your panties wet.
"I'd like to be raped by Theodore Bagwell."
by ilovetbag January 21, 2009
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Beauty at it's finest, doesn't take any drama,has a great personality and has nice boobs. Everyone should treat J'nae with not only respect but kindness because J'nae will whoop your ass if you do not.
Most people do not know J'nae Bagwell, but when they do, they can not get enough.
by Whoknowswhoputthisupthere April 24, 2010
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really tall, hairy, bon jovi look - alike who sits in boxers all day playing WOW in the basement. known to be a real asshole & hates fat chicks.
WOAH! I didn't go to school today, I think I'll pull a Blaze Bagwell! HELL YA!

OMG! Did you see the size of that girls arms? I'm sorry. I'm being a total Blaze Bagwell.
by loveyoursister August 31, 2010
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The act of having anal sex with a small handbag size dog with peanut butter as lube until you see blood, the dog tries to bite your hand, and he wiggles his ass urgently in pain adding more stitches to his own anal reconstruction surgery.
Man did you see that guy do "the bagwell" on that poor puppy? He's not going to be able to shit for months
by Millrat23 September 19, 2017
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